Is it okay to have mix Winter Tyres with other tyres?

Mixing seasonal tyres is a really bad idea - even worse in winter. Read on for our brief assessment of one of our most common winter queries.


Getting straight to the point - Fitting just 2 Winter tyres rather than 4 Winter tyres creates a huge imbalance in the normal grip of your car. In wintery conditions, this will very likely result in spinning out and causing a serious accident.

At temperatures below 7°C, winter tyres offer improved grip and shorter braking distances - but thats if you have fitted 4 of the same Winter tyres to your car or van. Otherwise the imbalance caused by fitting just 2 out of 4 winter tyres could have the opposite effect and make your tyres incredibly dangerous.

Always have 4 of the same tyre type fitted and never 2, regardless of the vehicle you are driving.
If you have any queries or are worried about your tyre choice or condition of your tyres, please ask us at Modern Tyres.


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